Getting Started With Running

Getting Started With Running

I have clients at Wholly You Fitness in Oceanside, CA, who want to supplement their workout program with other types of exercise. I’m happy that they want to do this. Any time you add more activity to your schedule, you’re working toward a healthier you. Running is one of those pastimes people often choose. They often want help getting started with running. Here are some tips you might find beneficial.

Get the right type of clothing for the conditions.

If you’re already working out, you probably have the doctor’s clearance that it’s okay to run or exercise, so you’ve already mastered step one and are on to step two—clothing. What type of running are you going to do? Are you going to run outside on a track, roadway or trail or on the inside on a treadmill? Where you’re going to run will make a difference in the clothing you wear. Running on asphalt, the treadmill or on trails require different types of shoes. Trail running shoes provide a different type of protection for your feet than the shoes used to run on asphalt. Get help from a shoe store staff member that knows the difference.

Start with a plan and let others know where you’re running.

Staying safe means many things. It means wearing layered clothing that you can remove as you get warmer. It means running during the day or wearing reflective clothing at night. If you run at night, make sure you run with a buddy in areas that are safe. Having adequate water available, warming up before running and cooling down afterward are also important. Don’t forget to let someone know where you’re running and if you’re running alone, take along a cell phone.

Learning proper breathing technique will help you run better.

You might not focus on how to breathe when running, but it’s important for your success. When you’re jogging, breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth is easy to do. The more you pi k up speed, the more difficult that can become unless you know belly breathing to make certain your nasal breaths in are deeper and that you exhale through your mouth more thoroughly. Belly breathing is a deeper form of breathing using the diaphragm.

  • Don’t try to run miles immediately. Start with a shorter route and do it more than once, so you don’t get too far from home, until you feel more confident in your fitness level.
  • Practice good posture. Keep your head lifted, extend your back and run tall, but keep your shoulders level and relaxed. Don’t lean forward or backward, but maintain neutral position. Keep your eyes focused on the ground 10 to 20 feet out in front.
  • Stay hydrated. Rule of thumb is to consume about a half a cup or ¾ cup of water every 20 minutes that you run. If you’re pushing yourself and running faster than an 8-minute mile, double that amount.
  • Vary your speed until you build your endurance. Start with a program where you run at peak speed and then walk for recovery. It will not only boost the calories you burn, but also allow you to run further and longer.

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Why Diet Is Just As Important As Fitness?

Why Diet Is Just As Important As Fitness?

Trying to figure out which is more important for your health, diet or exercise, is like asking whether it’s more important to inhale or exhale. Both are important and contribute to your fitness. A healthy diet is important to weight control, overall well-being and your physical health. A good fitness routine will keep you strong, increase heart health, keep you younger looking and more vital. If you suddenly switch to an unhealthy diet, you’ll feel the difference more quickly than you would if you switched to a sedentary lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t as important.

It’s impossible to use exercise to lose weight if you have a bad diet.

Eating a couple of buckets of chicken, ten candy bars, four whoppers and a few milkshakes a day will pack on the pounds, no matter how long you exercise. You simply can’t out-exercise a bad diet. However, even if you eat a healthy diet, but sit all day, you’ll rust out faster. If you’re doing everything right, you have the nutrients to keep your body healthy, build muscle tissue and keep the energy flow going, plus the circulation and movement to keep your heart and lungs healthy, while extending the telemeres on cells and keeping your microbiome healthy.

What are telemeres and what does microbiome have to do with health?

Telemeres are like the aglets—the plastic tips on shoelaces that prevent unraveling. They help prevent damage to the chromosomes and prevent fraying and damage. The longer they are, the more protection the chromosomes have. Exercise increases their length and also increases stem cell production. Your microbiome is the collection of microbes in your body. Many are necessary for digestion and good health. When you exercise, it increases the colonies of beneficial microbes. Eating healthy also does that, so both are necessary.

Both diet and exercise help manage America’s leading cause of preventable death.

Obesity is a killer, but a healthy diet and regular exercise can help tackle the problem. While the first step to conquer obesity should always be a healthy diet, regular exercise not only burns extra calories, it builds muscle tissue. The more muscle tissue you have, the more calories you burn, since muscle tissue requires more calories for maintenance than fat tissue does. Insulin resistance occurs because the cells no longer open for insulin, which means the body makes more insulin. That means packing on the pounds around the middle with visceral fat, the most dangerous type. Exercise and a healthy diet can reverse that and get you back to normal.

  • Even if you don’t want to lose weight, you need a healthy diet to build muscles and boost endurance. Just like any fine-tuned machine, your body needs the right type of fuel to be its healthiest.
  • You don’t have to choose between diet and exercise. You can do both and get the biggest benefit possible. The benefits of both together is even greater than sum of each one individually.
  • You don’t have to sweat in a gym or travel from your home. Our programs provide at home workouts and you can supplement with activities you love. We even provide meal plans with shopping lists for added convenience.
  • Don’t worry, eating healthy isn’t dieting. It’s all about making smarter choices when it comes to the food you eat. You’ll never feel deprived and even find you really like the meals and the healthy snacks.

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