Cut Out 200 Calories Daily And See What Happens

Clients at Wholly You Fitness in Oceanside, CA, know that the way to a healthy body is to eat healthy and exercise. They take action and commit to both. Not everyone is ready to jump in feet first, but prefer to dip their toe in the water of fitness. For those people, I suggest you try a simple, easy to do experiment. Just cut out 200 calories daily for three months and see the results. It can be one of the easiest ways to ease yourself into better health.

What does two hundred calories look like?

If you’re cutting out two hundred calories, make sure you’re cutting out unhealthy food or drink, which has no nutritional value other than calories. One easy way to do it is to cut out soft drinks. If you have one a day, it’s about 150 calories. You can substitute it with water. If you don’t like water, try infused water. Don’t go the route of diet drinks, since studies show they can increase your belly fat. A half a muffin is 200 calories, just like a ½ burger, ½ pop tart, five miniature milky ways or 9 Hershey’s kisses.

How can just skipping 200 calories make a difference?

In order to gain weight, you have to eat 3500 more calories than you burn. The opposite is necessary to lose weight. If you skip 200 calories every day for three months, which is about 91 days, you’ll eat 18,200 fewer calories. That means you’ll have lowered your calorie count enough to lose five pounds. When it comes to junk food, just ask yourself, “Do I really want it?” Instead of eating it, substitute it with something less calorie dense or only eat half as much as you would normally.

Be more aware of what you’re eating and find ways to substitute or reduce the calorie count.

If you can’t resist the smell and taste of a Cinnabon, which chalks up at 800 calories with its Carmel Pecan Bon having a huge 1080 calories, don’t. If you eat one every day, just don’t eat a whole one. Buy one to share with others and you’ll save tons of calories or divide it into portions for other days. You’ll save money in the process. While avoiding it totally would be best, sometimes you just can’t resist. Go for black coffee, rather than the fancy White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino Grande that contains 520 calories. Have cut up fruit and veggies ready for snacks, instead of grabbing a bag of chips.

  • The best place to start is by creating a food diary. It can be an actual book you write in everything you eat or just the notes section in your phone. Look over your list and find a way to make cutting out 200 calories easy.
  • Even junk food has a hierarchy. For instance, a medium cake donut contains about 200 calories, while a generic chocolate glazed donut has about 312 calories. Switch to plain and you’ll save over 100 calories.
  • At 600 to 700 calories for a McFlurry or 1160 calories in a chocolate triple thick shake, they may be doing you a favor every time the machines are down. Skip the shake and opt for something less calorie dense.
  • Skip fried foods with your meal and go for baked. Opt for a KFC grilled chicken breast at 210 calories rather than an extra crispy one at 530 calories.

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