What Are Wellness Habits?

The key to being fit isn’t a specific workout or even a special superfood. It’s about all the little things you do each day, whether it’s getting adequate sleep, drinking more water, exercising daily or eating healthy. There are a number of wellness habits that will impact your overall health. You may have “unhealthy habits” that you want to quit. You can do that by replacing them with ones that make you healthier and fitter.

Start by making small changes.

One wellness habit that you can start immediately is getting more exercise. You don’t have to start with a formal program, even though we suggest it. If you’re extremely unfit, start by changing some daily habits. Get up from the computer every hour and walk around, do an exercise or too to get your blood circulating. Park further from the store if you’re going shopping and walk. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Take a daily walk. If you’re out of shape and can’t go very far, go as far as you can and try to extend the time walking and the distance you walk daily. Our workout program is easy to add to your daily schedule, since you don’t have to leave the house and can do it on your schedule, not ours.

What you eat makes a difference in your health.

Your body needs nutrients to be its healthiest. A healthy diet provides the building blocks for a healthy body. Start small with one healthy habit when it comes to eating. It can be something as simple as adding more vegetables to your diet or something far more difficult, like cutting out processed foods or foods that contain extra sugar or white flour. You can focus on snacking first and find ways to make your snacks healthier, such as having fresh fruit, nuts or veggies readily available for snacking.

Are you quitting smoking or giving up something else?

If you’re constantly grabbing a soft drink, it may be time to kick the habit. You can do it by replacing that soft drink with water. Start by switching out one glass a day with water, then work toward two or more. Kicking any negative habit, like smoking, requires having other healthy habits in place. If you’ve already started a workout program and a program of healthy eating, you won’t experience the weight gain and can exercise away other cravings.

  • Getting more sleep is an important habit. Not only does lack of sleep increase the risk of heart disease, it also affects your hunger/satiety hormone balance, creating more hunger hormones and less satiety hormone. That makes weight loss harder.
  • To create any habit, you have to do it regularly. With exercise, it helps if you workout at the same time every day. You’ll develop more consistency and make it a habit quicker.
  • Make it a habit to sit down when you eat, instead of eating on the run. It even helps if you use smaller plates. Practice leaving some food on the plate to quit your membership in the plate cleaner’s club.
  • Carry water with you at all times. When you’re hungry, reach for a bottle of water first. You may be thirsty and not really hungry. Staying hydrated can also increase your energy level, so you’ll burn more calories.

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