Whole Foods Can Help Heal

There is continually growing evidence that what you eat makes a huge difference in your health and that whole foods can help heal chronic health issues. We focus on eating healthy at Wholly You Fitness in Oceanside, CA, for a number of reasons. Changing your diet can eliminate toxins and boost nutrient intake. It can lower calories and help you lose weight.

Food helps heal, while others can increase the risk of disease.

Certain food can promote angiogenesis, which is a necessary function for forming new blood vessels, healing wounds and growth. However, the body also controls it by trimming those vessels and stopping the growth where there too many. The body continuously has cancer cells form, but the process of anti-angiogenesis prevents them from replicating and growing by stopping blood flow to them, so they die without affecting your body. If that system isn’t functioning properly, the continuous creation of vessels feed cancer cells that normally would die. Anti-angiogenesis foods like cherries, berries, kale, turmeric and tomatoes are being investigated by scientists for their properties that may help get the body back on a healthy track to reduce the potential of cancer.

Inflammation can create health issues, but whole foods can help prevent it.

Some foods contribute to inflammation. When controlled, inflammation helps fight infection, but when chronic, it can become a factor in serious conditions such as heart disease, cancer and arthritis. Having a balanced diet that contains adequate nutrition can help prevent and even help cure some of those problems. Processed meats, foods with added sugar, refined carbohydrates, highly processed foods, artificial sweeteners and trans fats cause high amounts of inflammation. Whole foods like tomatoes, green leafy vegetables, almonds and walnuts, fatty fish and fresh fruit like berries and cherries help prevent inflammation.

Eating healthy has other benefits, such as weight loss.

There’s still a lot to learn about how healthy eating boosts your health. Statistics show that people who are obese tend to have a higher risk for many serious conditions, but that fact brings up another question. Is it the excess weight that causes the problem or did the food that added the extra weight also create the health issue? While there are research studies into the effects of using food as an actual cure, all scientists and doctors agree that a healthy diet that limits processed food and added sugar can improve your health and boost medical treatment for serious conditions.

  • Your body has microbes that perform many functions and control everything from digestion to aspects of mental health. To maintain a healthy balance of beneficial microbes, you have to eat healthy, which means eating whole foods with adequate soluble fiber.
  • Healthy foods also include herbs and spices. For instance, turmeric is an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and can boost heart health. Basil can improve mental health, is an antioxidant, reduces inflammation and is antibacterial.
  • If you eat meat, you need to be mindful of how that animal was raised. Essentially, you’re eating what they ate. Grass-fed, organic, free-range animals and fish raised in the wild are healthier options.
  • Foods high in fiber not only help your microbiome, they help regulate blood sugar levels, aid in weight loss, lower the risk of heart disease, certain cancers, type 2 diabetes and help you live longer.

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